Amanda Ferrara


Robert Nichols

Wedding Party

Sarah Burke

Maid of Honor

Sarah and Amanda have been friends for almost their entire lives. They met in preschool and have become more like family than friends through all of the holidays and special events shared together.

Elizabeth Moore

Matron of Honor

Amanda and Liz met each other on their freshman dorm floor, but didn't become friends until after Amanda horrifically cut her bangs. They've been inseparable ever since.

Lindsay Biggans


Amanda and Lindsay started scheming their way through life and school together starting in sixth grade, with Amanda completing the majority of Lindsay's school assignments and Lindsay backing up any convenient retellings of the truth.

Brooke Bixler


Brooke bullied Amanda into being her friend in sixth grade when she stole Amanda's locker combination. She has continued to bully her into being a best friend ever since.

Ann(ie) Carnevale


Amanda initially thought Annie looked super snooty when she moved into their shared dorm room freshman year of college. However, she quickly realized they had so much in common having grown up only about 30 minutes from each other and became fast friends. (Amanda also realized she is in fact not snooty at all.)

Sarah Torres


Sarah and Amanda met while both teaching at a preschool in Pittsburgh. They became best friends and roommates and then moved to South Carolina together for their first jobs out of college.

Justina Nichols


Bob and Amanda have loved spending a lot more time with Tina while she attends Penn State. Amanda is so excited to welcome Tina as a sister.

Austin Hunt

Best Man

Bob and Austin met on the third day of college when Austin and Bob discovered that they were both from Pittsburgh and die hard Pirates, Penguins and Steelers fans. After freshman year Austin and Bob were roommates for the rest of college and never looked back.

Reid Eckert


Bob met Reid on his freshman dorm floor, and like Austin, Bob quickly discovered that Reid had very similar sporting allegiances. As college went by it became a running joke that Reid spent more time at Bob, Austin, and Carl's house more than Carl (Bob and Austin's third roommate). Bob and Reid still play videogames together and its like college never ended (because it really hasn't for either of them).

Luke Jirole


Luke ended up being Reid's roommate on Bob's freshman year dorm floor and ended up being "Reids roommate 4 life" as they like to say. So Bob spent countless days/nights at Reid, Luke and Dennis' future apartment throughout the years. At this apartment the Vlad flowed freely, fat lip played at least once a day, and throughout all 4 years of college Bob still has yet to beat Luke in a game of madden.

Gary Krichten


Gary and Amanda are cousins and have spent holidays, vacations, and special events together since they were little. Amanda is excited to have Gary be part of yet another special day!

James (Jimmy) Markley


Bob met Jimmy the first day of class where they found out that they were in the same major, so needless to say they took almost every class together. In these classes Bob and Jimmy played countless games of words with friends, hanging with friends, trivia crack, and maybe learned a thing or two. Today Bob continues frequents Jimmy's family tailgate every home Penn State game and is sure to always eat his pre game rice crispy treat.

Dennis Cavanaugh


Dennis did not live on Bob's floor freshman year but was close friends with Luke, so he ended up basically becoming an adopted floor-mate. After freshman year Dennis, Reid and Luke got an apartment where Bob and Austin would end up most weekends. After college Dennis moved in with Reid and Bob where he completed his Post-back and adopted a cat named Arya. Dennis now lives with Luke outside of Philly but still comes down to Penn state every once and awhile to relive the glory days.

Carl Boswell


Carl also did not live on Bob's freshman year floor but ended up needing roomates for sophmore year, Bob and Austin knew Carl and thought that living with him would be a great idea, which it was. Bob, Carl, and Austin lived together for 3 years, throwning countless birthday and half birthday parties, enjoying Bob's cooking (expect for That soup) and having some of the best years of their lives.
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